Military Effects

Military & first responder training with movie special effects that turn training events into learning experiences.

360° 5-sense immersive scenarios using close action special effects.

Battlefield Effects to engender chaos, shock and disorientation.

RPG, IED, VBIED, Suicide Bomb, Direct and Indirect Fire layering to provide continuity, context and scale of battlefield experience.


Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear threat incidents.

Persistent effects and catastrophic escalating environments for training in IND, HAZMAT (contact, inhalation, injection, ingestion).


Disorientating Atmospherics and sensory effects to overwhelm.

Sustained Stench, Smoke, Fire, Wind, Rain and Concussive Sound FX.


Traumatic live woundings, prosthetics, make-up and blood fx.

Entry & exit wounds, shrapnel, blast amputation, Hostage torture.


Urban civil and military training using high energy effects techniques, within any existing built environment.

Environmental Special Effects design, for training that must be undertaken in heritage sites, listed buildings, and public arenas.


Design and construction of realistic, repeatable, destructive damage effects within training environments and Standing Sets.

Blast, Missile and Bullet Damage to Buildings, Walls and Natural Cover, Vehicle Impacts, Breakaway Panels and residual fire rigs.


OpFor arms and munitions, actor initiated body-worn explosives.

Section 5 Firearms, Live Firing, Blank Firing, Rockets, Grenades, Mines, IEDs, Suicide Vests, Air Percussion mortars and bladed weapons.


Choreography of all action sequences and reactive interplay.

Action Directors, Scenario Advisors, Senior Special Effects and Stunt Artistes to embed credible threats in the roleplay.


Replica Action Props & IEDS designed to fire, explode and engulf.

In house build of Inert and Replica Munitions, Rigged Action Vehicles, Actor fired suicide vests, Dummies, RPG flight and missile strikes.