Many of these stills, videos and tests are taken from crew positions, not optimal camera positions. Whilst this allows peeping behind the curtain, it does soften the impact. We've included final footage to give a better impression of the real experience.

RPG Simulation.

Click on the image above to see the wire guide (removed in post production). The wire allows realistic RPG simulation, firing from one position to another (target) with safety and consistency. The rocket is not carrying a payload, the target explosion is triggered by command wire with line-of-sight by pyro technicians.

guide-wired | rocket motor | explosive target


IED set into a burnt out bus. Our design of the explosion creates safe zones allowing personnel to be very close to the action, and for it to be exploded amongst public apartment blocks and shopping streets.

Direct & Indirect Fire.

Crew video of Tornado Jets on a bomb run as part of an RAF role Demo. Using HE and Fuel, we were able to push the heat wave and groundshock to the crowd many hundreds of metres away.

Bullet Hits & CASSIM.

Body Hits and Bullet wounds are achieved with small pyro charges on blood bags causing liquid and material from the bag to push out through clothing. Integrating charges, protection and materials together keeps package sizes to a minimum, aiding realism.